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Corporate Advice and Taxation Advice

Tax planning and, more importantly, tax reduction is of universal business importance. This is as true for the entrepreneur as it is for a complex organization. The growing complexity of tax law, however, makes it almost impossible to keep pace with the evolving world of taxation. Taxes, in their various forms, constitute a major business cost, but this cost can often be reduced or deferred.

PKF Malta tax advisors work closely with clients to ensure that they receive the highest quality of tax planning advice and that no opportunities for tax savings are lost. PKF Malta recognizes that every situation is different and that there may never be a single correct answer, however with PKF’s extensive knowledge and resources we are committed to providing individually tailored solutions for each client.  PKF Malta tax professionals will always explain to you the laws and regulations to ensure your business and operations are compliant with federal, state, and local laws.

Tax planning is a vital ingredient of survival for any business, thus specialist advice is essential in this field. We ensure that our clients are informed of current developments, new laws, or important amendments, as well as the application of revenue documents as requested.


In the present fiscal mood, tax planning is treated as a delicate matter, especially where a business decision appears to be predominantly driven by tax considerations. As part of our work ethic, we strive to ensure that a tax solution proposed always supports a pre-existing business case, thus making the same sustainable in the event of a tax audit.