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Date: 15th May 2024
Time: 14:00 - 17:00 
Location: PKF Academy, Birkirkara
CPE Hours: 2.75 Hours
Price: Free


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A Theoretical & Practical Insight

Derek’s approach to training is based on the PRINCE2 principles, themes, and processes, which provide a clear and flexible framework for managing any type of project.

He believes that PRINCE2 is not only a methodology, but also a mindset that enables project managers to adapt to changing environments and deliver value to their stakeholders.

Derek DAmato uses real-life examples, case studies, and exercises to illustrate how PRINCE2 can be applied in practice and how it can benefit both the project team and the organization.


Course Outline and Benefits

Upon completion of this 3-hour CPE course in Principles of Project Management, participants will be able to:


1. Understand the Fundamental Principles of Project Management:

Gain a comprehensive understanding of the core principles that underpin effective project management, including project initiation, planning, execution, monitoring, and closure. Participants will learn the importance of each phase and how they contribute to the successful delivery of projects.


2. Apply Project Management Methodologies:

Develop an understanding of various project management methodologies such as Agile, Waterfall, and Lean, and learn how to apply them appropriately based on project requirements and contexts.


3. Utilize Essential Project Management Tools:

Get acquainted with key project management tools and software that facilitate project planning, scheduling, resource allocation, and communication. Participants will learn how to leverage these tools to enhance project efficiency and stakeholder engagement.


4. Develop Effective Communication and Leadership Skills:

Enhance communication and leadership abilities that are critical for project managers. Learn strategies for effective team collaboration, stakeholder management, and conflict resolution to lead projects towards their successful completion.


5. Identify and Manage Project Risks:

Understand the process of risk management including the identification, assessment, and mitigation of potential risks that could impact project timelines, budgets, and quality.


6. Achieve Project Objectives within Constraints:

Learn how to manage project constraints such as scope, time, and cost to ensure project objectives are met. Participants will be equipped with skills to make informed decisions and adjustments throughout the project lifecycle.



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Course Details          

Upon completing the course, participants will be awarded a certificate of attendance, which is eligible for 2.75 hours of CPE (Continuing Professional Education) Accreditation.


Cancellation of Courses by PKF Academy:

For each course, there will be a minimum level of attendees. If this minimum is not achieved PKF Academy reserves the right to either
i) cancel the course
ii) postpone it to a later date or
iii) it might decide to still hold the course in agreement with the trainer.

The attendees will be informed about such cancellations before course commencement. In the case of course cancellation from PKF's side, the full participation fee shall be paid back to the fully paid-up registrants.

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