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Network News • 03-09-2020

PKF releases Worldwide Tax Guide 2020-21

Our flagship yearly publication, the Worldwide Tax Guide (WWTG), has just been released. This incredibly thorough and comprehensive report details the taxation and business regulation regimes of the world’s most significant trading countries, this year comprising 146 jurisdictions.

Given that a country’s tax regime is always a key factor for any business considering moving into new markets, this guide helps to answer accountancy professionals’ and international businesses’ most pressing questions when looking to expand or set up in a new jurisdiction, including around corporate tax rates, incentives for overseas businesses, whether there are double tax treaties in place, and how foreign source income might be taxed.

From Afghanistan to Zimbabwe, the guide considers each country in turn and details the major taxes applicable to businesses, plus the country’s personal tax regime, with key points compiled by PKF experts in each region.

The production of the publication is a huge team effort and we would like to thank all tax experts within PKF member firms who gave up their time to contribute the vital information on their country’s taxes that forms the heart of this publication.

We’d like to offer our special thanks to the individual who spent a huge amount of time and effort to compile the guide, Stefaan De Ceulaer. As Tax Director at PKF International, Stefaan is a seasoned tax professional with 22 years of experience in mainly international tax law. He started in private practice in one of Belgium’s best tax law offices, then went into corporate (telecoms and extractive industries), finally joining PKF in January 2017. He is also a fully qualified barrister. Stefaan gives up a significant proportion of his time every year to put this guide together, helping to make it our most popular publication.

Published on The Times of Malta 02/09/2020
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