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Matthew Demicoli

Matthew Demicoli

Professional Experience

Matthew is a seasoned internal auditor and compliance professional with over a decade of industry expertise. His primary focus lies in auditing management systems, particularly in  information security and privacy.

Throughout his career, Matthew has amassed a diverse range of experience spanning multiple sectors, including: iGaming, technology, banking manufacturing, and government. He initially embarked on his professional journey as a consultant in the iGaming industry before transitioning into a leadership position in information security and privacy.

Matthew's educational background encompasses both scientific and business disciplines. He began his academic pursuits as a scientist and subsequently pursued an MBA degree. He also holds a range of certifications such as Lead Auditor ISO27001, Certified information Security Auditor (CISA), Certified Information Security Profesisonal (CISSP) and Certified information Privacy Manager (CIPM).

In addition to his practical roles, Matthew is experienced as a tutor. He has delivered various accredited auditing  and management courses provided from esteemed providers in their respective field.

Currently, Matthew serves as a consultant specializing in auditing, information security, and privacy matters.

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