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Gabriella Borda

Gabriella Borda

Professional Experience

Gabriella is a Sustainability and ESG Advisor and services a broad range of clients both locally and internationally.  She is the lead sustainability partner at Avvena, a French consultancy firm specialising in decarbonisation strategies, where she is currently coordinating projects related to climate and sustainable finance. 

Gabriella is currently serving as a visiting lecturer at the University of Malta and is a Member of the Renewable Energy Institute.  Gabriella is also the founder and CEO of ClimateDelta, a start-up company specialising in climate-related strategies, Greentech solutions and climate related scenario analysis. 

Gabriella is proficient in GHG Emissions accounting and conversant with the technical requirements of various instruments related to climate and sustainable finance and maintains a large stakeholder network within the climate community where she is currently involved in various projects.

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