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Network News • 28-03-2023

PKF Malta business conference on renewable energy, environmental sustainability

Published on Times Of Malta: 28th March 2023

PKF Malta will be organising a conference aimed at sustainability and the use of renewable energy by the business sector. This conference will be held at the Hilton Malta Hotel on April 12, 2023 from 8:30am till 1pm, followed by a networking lunch and drinks.  

The event will be addressed by numerous local and international speakers who will be covering a diverse range of topics relating to the viability of offshore renewable energy projects in Malta and the use of renewables and implementation of conservation measures by local businesses. 

After the announcement made recently by the Maltese Government on the preliminary market consultation for the exploitation of Malta’s Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ), there has been an increased interest in potential offshore renewable energy projects. PKF Malta feels such a sensitive matter merits a high-level business conference that discusses the practicalities and implications of future projects for Malta.

This energy revolution places challenges on how best to decarbonise electricity generation and present a solution to cut down on emissions for the transportation sector. The conference will also target ESG. With this topic being a relatively recent development for Malta, the connection between ESG and renewable energy at a micro level is also particularly worth discussing. The connection with the requirements of the ESG directive and the practical implications of such projects by businesses at a micro level will also be a topic of the agenda.

The vision of this business conference is to bring together all relevant stakeholders to create a platform for discussion to identify possible future solutions, as well as any issues and challenges that lie ahead both at the macro and micro level. The speakers will come from various fields, such as the business lobby itself, green energy consultants, policymakers and academics, amongst many others. 

This conference is a unique one for Malta, where it will bring for the first time at a national level the notion of possible and feasible offshore renewable energy projects within Maltese EEZ waters. The conference will also gauge the private sector’s business appetite in partaking in such projects, even on a micro level. The conference will be concluded by a light networking lunch and drinks.

PKF Malta Senior Partner George Mangion said: “This event comes at a time when we seriously need to explore other options for sourcing electricity besides relying exclusively on the interconnector linked to Sicily, not to mention our need to cut down emissions and increase our share of renewable energy produced at a local level. Our event is precisely intended to bring together stakeholders within the industry and get the discussion going to move forward with tangible and practical solutions.”

The conference is being held in collaboration with Times of Malta. 

Early bird delegate fee: €65 including Vat (including coffee break, conference delegate bag, networking lunch, and networking drinks). Register here.

Published on Times Of Malta: 28th March 2023
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