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Network News • 07-07-2022

Confidence and leadership the key to success.

Author: Dawn Camilleri - Deputy Audit Manager PKF Malta
Published on Movers & Shakers: 7th July 2022

Being a mid-tier audit firm that provides services to a list of prestigious clients, and a firm that has a huge amount to offer when it comes to career options and professional development, Ms Camilleri says that PKF Malta was the perfect fit for her experience and abilities.

“Over the years, I have gained exposure to an array of sectors and industries, whilst also developing deep networks of long-lasting quality. Ultimately, forming good relationships, making meaningful connections with fellow team members, and seeking feedback are important, as they are the people you will learn from,” she says.

As Deputy Audit Manager, Ms Camilleri reports to the directors and works as part of a team of problem solvers with extensive industry experience. Helping clients solve complex business issues from strategy to execution is surely another main responsibility.

She is also responsible for a number of other tasks, such as the coaching and development of team members reporting to her; keeping up to date with local and national business and economic issues; assisting in managing and delivering large projects, ensuring that key deadlines are met; developing strategies to solve complex technical challenges and contributing to the development of her own and her team’s technical acumen; and identifying and researching opportunities on new and existing clients along with building and maintaining strong relationships with clients.

Given that Ms Camilleri started working with PKF Malta during the COVID-19 pandemic, most of the office was working remotely… and not meeting them in person at times made things a bit difficult.

“Obviously, when joining a new company, getting to know your colleagues is important, as they have been through the same learning process and they can help you navigate the workplace,” she explains, “In addition, as a new audit manager, it was difficult to come into the position and enact change right off the bat. It was therefore even more crucial to get to know the team and the company’s processes before implementing any changes.”

However, the fact that the company had and still have a weekly audit team meeting helped in obtaining a better sense of the audit team as a whole.

“Looking at recent audits, the role everyone played in those audits and how the audits are documented, helped in assessing the audit team’s individual skills and started building relationships. This process gave me a better idea of what needed to be improved and what was already working,” she states.

A lot of the work PKF Malta does has to be done under strict deadlines. How does Ms Camilleri and the rest of the PKF Malta team deal with them?

“External auditors deal with deadlines daily, and they have become more or less commonplace. With time deadlines, you have to execute and deliver on that plan. You have to balance the objectivity of reporting items you find with the fairness of reporting them in the right way. That becomes challenging early on in your career,” Ms Camilleri says.

Teamwork, thorough planning, and frequent communication are key in these situations. Ms Camilleri and her team break down all large tasks into smaller manageable chunks, and they all make sure to attach milestone deadlines to each task. Matching sections of the work with milestone deadlines help them to eventually meet the final deadline right on time. If at any stage in the process they foresee delays or obstacles, they communicate immediately as a team and develop a contingency plan. In addition, during the audit team meeting they discuss and organise our weekly audit plan. They then re-shuffle their priorities according to audit urgencies.

“Ultimately having a good start to the week is critical in achieving better results!” she says, “PKF Malta’s message is: Our success is dependent on the strength of good teamwork, and we also take pride in championing individual capabilities. We are firm believers in setting the scene for an opportunity, allowing careers to naturally branch out while nurturing them .’ We all crave challenging and meaningful work, while wanting to learn and grow professionally.”

She emphasises that PKF Malta’s strong infrastructure supports its employees’ growth. The company provides continual development and highly encourages educational pursuits in and out of the workplace. In addition, PKF Malta embraces diversity in hiring, diversity in thought and diversity in approaches. PKF Malta’s workplace unites employees from different backgrounds, ethnicities, and experiences, and together they breed a more productive environment.

Ms Camilleri cites her mother and father as being two of the reasons that she has been so successful in her chosen career.

“Growing up, my parents were excellent mentors,” she smiles, “I was raised to be an empathetic and emotionally present individual. This was key in developing a strong foundation of confidence and natural leadership. Also, I have wholeheartedly embraced personal accountability.”

She goes on to say that she believes that genuine leaders and managers who can make an impact are people who hold themselves accountable for errors, and who are not shy to ask the same of others. As a result, she has learned to trust her decisions and remain responsible for the choices that she makes.

“If I were to give some advice to my 18-year-old self, I would say: whatever means you have to travel, whatever budget – just go. The world is your oyster. Chase your dreams, nothing is impossible! Choose how you want to live your life and do not be scared to run after it. In the greatest depths that the world and the mind can offer, light is on its way. Hold on tight and breathe. You’ll be okay.” M+S



Author: Dawn Camilleri - Deputy Audit Manager PKF Malta
Published on Movers & Shakers: 7th July 2022
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