BitPod is a quasi-lab that contributes to the Maltese start-up eco-system by:

  • Offering a readily available space to start-ups,
  • Holding informal meet-up sessions for industry, start-ups and investors.

BitPod promotes Malta as a jurisdiction of choice through relationships with our international contacts active in the start-up field and based in silicon valley & other international silicon/cryptovalleys. Our collaborators/partners include talent scouts in silicon valley and start-ups related therewith, managers of blockchain companies designing cutting edge tech also based in silicon valley, blockchain start up incubators in Switzerland, Spain, Poland and the US.


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We have believed in this space for years before it became a buzz-word and we are heavily invested in ensuring that our deliverables at all times exhibit our island as a centre for excellence brimming with potential.


BitPod’s founding members are George Mangion (Senior Partner, PKF Malta) & Marilyn Formosa (Head of Legal at PKF Malta).