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Promoting Malta as a Blockchain Island in Vietnam

Author: George Mangion Published on Business Today 23rd May 2019 Last week, I led a delegation of PKF staff members for a six day visit to Hanoi – the capital of Vietnam.  During the visit, I gave a presentation at the 5th Asia Offshore Forum held in a prominent hotel. Other meetings were planned outside the […]



PKF-FPM has been recognised as the 2016 Best Place to Work in the Irish News Workplace & Employment Awards

PKF-FPM has been voted as the best employer in its field in the UK, according to judges at London-based industry publication Accountancy Age and the Best Companies Group. The company, founded nearly a quarter of a century ago, won the Top UK Accountancy Employer Award at the British Accountancy Awards ahead of many other reputed […]

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PKF Malta Studies – Executive Summaries

An Exploration into the Opinions and Thoughts of the Maltese on the Current Pension System In general terms, poverty is defined as a person’s inability to afford an adequate standard of consumption. Poverty levels differ in nature across countries, however in Malta it is considered that the concept of relative poverty is more prevailing. Relative […]

PKF Publications - 16/04/2014

PKF Doing Business in Malta

PKF Doing Business in Malta provides information about the financial, legal considerations that could affect business dealings within this country. This publication is issued on an annual basis and covers topics such as: An Introduction to Malta including information regarding its geography, history, political background, economy, Malta’s foreign policy, its membership to the EU, import […]

Surveys - 16/04/2014

Surveys – lighting a candle in the dark

Source: Lynsey Schembri, PKF MaltaAs published on The Malta Today on Wednesday 10th April 2014 The man on the street is becoming more familiar with surveys based on statistical analysis and these are slowly gaining credibility, particularly if the information originates from a trusted source. This acquired credibility flies in the face of critics who sarcastically belittle […]

Malta Citizenship by Investment - 11/04/2014


 Источник: DrMarilynMifsud Как опубликовано в ExpertGuide: OffshoreFocus 2014 Visit our online IIP eBrochure for the latest information. На основании Постановления LN 47/2014 Правительство Республики Мальта после строгой и тщательной проверки благонадёжности предоставляет право на получение гражданства за инвестиции уважаемым лицам и членам их семей, которые способствуют социально-экономическому развитию страны. Постановление LN 47/2014 вступило в силу 4 […]

Malta Citizenship by Investment - 03/04/2014

Reshuffles, musical chairs and financial stability

Article author: George Mangion Published on Malta Today, 3 April 2014 Visit our online IIP eBrochure for the latest information. One augurs that the economy will not suffer from temporary upsets amid an incidence of inevitable infighting among fresh-faced ministers in a reshuffled Cabinet. Chamber of Commerce delegates at their AGM, addressed by Energy Minister Konrad Mizzi, […]