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Our algorithmic venture into AI

Author: George Mangion Published on Business Today 18th April 2019 It was Prime Minister Joseph Muscat, at a speech he gave last year at the Delta summit, who talked about a vision to regulate Artificial Intelligence (AI), the internet of things (IOT) in an all-encompassing regulatory framework. In his mind set, Malta just about climbed the slippery […]



PKF-FPM has been recognised as the 2016 Best Place to Work in the Irish News Workplace & Employment Awards

PKF-FPM has been voted as the best employer in its field in the UK, according to judges at London-based industry publication Accountancy Age and the Best Companies Group. The company, founded nearly a quarter of a century ago, won the Top UK Accountancy Employer Award at the British Accountancy Awards ahead of many other reputed […]

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PKF Malta Studies – Executive Summaries

An Exploration into the Opinions and Thoughts of the Maltese on the Current Pension System In general terms, poverty is defined as a person’s inability to afford an adequate standard of consumption. Poverty levels differ in nature across countries, however in Malta it is considered that the concept of relative poverty is more prevailing. Relative […]

Malta News - 01/04/2019

The Reform of MFSA and Implementation of Vision 2021

Author: George Mangion Published on Malta Chamber 1st April 2019 One welcomes the new financial crime compliance plan Vision 2021 announced by the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA). This move did not come a moment too soon. It is essential that the rules of doing business within the global financial system are not only well-written but […]

Malta News - 25/03/2019

AI invasion – is Malta ready?

Author: George Mangion Published on The Malta Independent 21st March 2019 No article this week can fail to mention the current uncertainty that is facing the British economy due to the complex political manoeuvring on an agreed deal on how best to exit the EU. Be that as it may, the Western world is also going through […]

Malta News - 22/03/2019

Artificial Intelligence: ignore at your own risk

Author: George Mangion Published on Malta Today 21st March 2019 The advent of Artificial Intelligence is entering the economic stage through the back-door but many feel that it is so powerful that we can only ignore its influence at our own peril. It is no minnow. Experts predict that it in ten years it will underpin $15.7 […]

Malta News - 14/03/2019

IMF report – are we ready for the challenge?

Author: George Mangion Published on Malta Today 14th March 2019 Two weeks ago saw the publication of a concluding Statement on the economy by IMF. This lauded government for last year’s performance which reveals real GDP growth was another high in 2018. The sustained economic growth resulted in ever present acute labour shortages which were filled by […]