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Beating the drum for sustainable pensions

Author: George Mangion Published on Business Today 13th June 2019 At a recent political meeting, the prime minister assured delegates that his party is not going to whitewash the problems to cover the defects; he gallantly asserted that “where there are defects we are recognising them and we will try to fix them”. His assertion points […]



PKF-FPM has been recognised as the 2016 Best Place to Work in the Irish News Workplace & Employment Awards

PKF-FPM has been voted as the best employer in its field in the UK, according to judges at London-based industry publication Accountancy Age and the Best Companies Group. The company, founded nearly a quarter of a century ago, won the Top UK Accountancy Employer Award at the British Accountancy Awards ahead of many other reputed […]

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PKF Malta Studies – Executive Summaries

An Exploration into the Opinions and Thoughts of the Maltese on the Current Pension System In general terms, poverty is defined as a person’s inability to afford an adequate standard of consumption. Poverty levels differ in nature across countries, however in Malta it is considered that the concept of relative poverty is more prevailing. Relative […]

Malta News - 16/05/2019

A tale of Teva – a waning star

Author: George Mangion Published on Business Today 16th May 2019 The sudden downfall of the giant pharmaceutical company Teva based in Israel but has branches in many countries sent shivers down the spine of international investors. Things have been going very wrong lately for Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd., the drug maker that has been a source […]

Malta News - 13/05/2019

ПКФ летит в Амстердам, принимая участие в конференции «Раскручивание Инноваций в Блокчейне»

Руководители ПКФ на прошлой неделе приняли участие в двухдневной блокчейн-конференции, проходившей в De Rode Hoed в Амстердаме. Это было дождливое и холодное утро, которое приветствовало всех приглашенных ораторов и делегатов в преобразованном  Пресвитерианском зале, красиво оформленном и подходящем для насыщенной повестки дня для промышленных гигантов, таких как  ING банк, TUI группы, Pfizer, ING банк, Группы […]

Malta News - 10/05/2019

The chivalrous quest of robotics and AI

Author: George Mangion Published on Business Today 9th May 2019 One may be intrigued by the incidence of the heightened tempo in party propaganda embracing the upcoming MEP and Local Councils elections by political parties. The administration is in a race to announce new projects to please voters. The latest fad seems to be promising to […]

Malta News - 06/05/2019

PKF Malta at the 5th Annual Asia Offshore Forum in Hanoi, Vietnam

      PKF Malta will be attending the 5th Annual Asia Offshore Forum in Hanoi next week, while our Head of Legal, Dr.Marilyn Formosa will be participating in the panel discussion, ‘ How is the Digital Economy Transforming the Financial Services Sector?’ Should you desire to set up a meeting with our team, do not […]